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JCP Srl, Italy, is a specialised Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building company providing specialist consulting services in all spheres of international, donor-funded contracts, particularly but not limited to the field of Management of Technical Assistance Development Projects including Grant Scheme components, as well as International Cooperation and Development Communication Projects within framework contracts implemented in European Union, Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood Regions and beyond with a special emphasis on EU Funded programmes.

Knowledge Transfer, Capacity Building and Consultancy Services are provided directly to the European Commission Staff working at Headquarters, EC staff in Delegations; Beneficiaries of EU funded projects in the Authorities of the Beneficiary Countries and Territories, following procedural guidelines, integrations and updates; Public Administrators; Cooperation and Development Authorities; Public and Private Non-profit Organisations;  Civil Society Organisations; Non-Governmental Organisations, Ministerial Staff, Project Managers, individual experts, as well as Private businesses, and Trade Associations.

JCP Srl boasts extensive in-house experience in implementing and providing institutional building in procedures established by the European Commission for Procurement and Grants Scheme Management as per Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions under the different management modes for bilateral and regional projects.  JCP has been directly involved in providing support to beneficiary management/monitoring units in Design of Grant Schemes; launch, delivery of Info Days; Organisation and support during  Proposal Evaluation and drafting of opening and evaluation reports; delivery of Orientation Days; support in the overall management of Grant Schemes during implementation to Project Units; support and capacity building to Grant beneficiaries during implementation; provision of identification and management of Assessors; support in drafting of contracts; procedural and technical mentoring; provision of Monitoring and Evaluation; Project Evaluation, and quality assurance; overall programme communication and visibility Strategy planning.

JCP is endowed with a successful track record of projects aiming at providing technical support in project management, identifying development issues and needs and addressing them efficiently and sustainably, as well as developing the monitoring and evaluation capacities of the beneficiaries. JCP will bring its experience in monitoring and in advising and coaching supported projects; JCP benefits from a culture of consolidated co-operation acquired through a significant experience of collaboration with governments, co-operation with International Organisations and social and economic local actors, not only in the context of projects of bilateral co-operation but also in the context of regional co-operation promoted by the European Union.

Stemming from long-term experience in advising Beneficiaries on grant funding peculiarities, JCP Team have developed, in cooperation with a software house, a customisable web-based Grants Management and Monitoring Tool (EGREG). This comprehensive tool, extensively tested in multinational projects implemented for European Commission (i.a. in Regional Capacity Building Support unit for Euromed Youth Programme IV; Support to Research, Technological Development and Innovation in Jordan), enables effective support for Grant Beneficiaries and Contracting Authorities in management, follow-up, reporting and monitoring of contracts. The system can be customised to the needs of a particular grant scheme, ensuring the successful implementation of funded projects. JCP is currently implementing the EEA and Norway Global Fund for Regional Cooperation as the Fund Operator which includes the customised web-based component for the 95M€ Grant Scheme Management and Monitoring Tool (EGREG).

JCP as consortium partner within FWC 2015 Lot 2 and previous as consortium leader in the frame of the FWC COM 2011 Lot 2 – training & info-comm has and is currently implementing diverse set of projects covering all the communication sectors ranging from drafting communication strategies, awareness campaigns, implementation of communication plans, organisation of film festivals, photo exhibitions, organisation of workshops, website design and content development, and interventions via social media platforms and modalities; multimedia products; awareness campaigns; graphic design as well as publications and editorials in different languages including English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

JCP Srl is additionally experienced in development of guidance manuals towards project monitoring; Grant Management Information Systems, Grant Monitoring & Evaluation Internal Systems; Guidelines for Grants Evaluation and Results Oriented Monitoring and Assessment; Developed environmental procurement guidelines for conference and event organisation,; Country/Regional Communication Strategy based on EC Communication Manual and use of the Practical Communication Handbook; How to organise environmental friendly events; Guidelines for Training in Information and Communication strategies, How to draft ToR; all made available and customised as part of Training resources towards delivery of capacity building related initiatives.

JCP has a recognised capability of complex project management and has at its disposal over 12000 highly qualified and specialised consultants in the provision of consulting and technical assistance as well as Journalists, bloggers, CSO’s, Academics, NGO’s making up an extensive network.

Examples of multimedia products from previous and ongoing projects can be viewed at  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkkFfX2-DafRQ18NP7MbnlQ

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