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  Introducing      JCP Srl

A consulting

JCP Srl is a consultancy company specialised in international development programmes, with high- level skills and competences in Procurement, Grant Scheme Management, Communication and Trainings/Capacity Buildings

As a leading consulting company in Italy, we look to engage with our clients beyond the conventional relationship.

Investing in the future.

JCP is a successful track record of projects aiming at providing technical support in project management, identifying development issues and needs and addressing them efficiently and sustainably, as well as developing the monitoring and evaluation capacities of the beneficiaries.

EGREG is our customisable web-based Grants Management and Monitoring Tool, a key to proper application of rules facilitating remote as well as in-person 3rd party monitoring at your fingertips.

Together with Ecorys Polska, JCP Srl is the Fund Operator of the Fund for Youth Employment and the Fund for Regional Cooperation.


Our database for job opportunities.