In the field of training, JCP delivers its services both upstream (to institutional clients involved in project management) and downstream (to public entities and private companies wishing to take advantages of the funding opportunities available).

Procurement and procedural training is delivered to institutional profiles who are new to their roles or transferring from other sectors, and to strengthen procurement skills following procedural modifications, integrations and updates.

Specifically within the European Commission, procurement training, on services, supplies and works tenders and grant schemes management, is delivered to staff in Brussels and in the various Delegations and PMUs throughout the world. Training courses are also delivered directly at the company premises in ad hoc equipped rooms (for groups of up to 20 and up to 50 students).

Furthermore, distance training can be delivered from JCP’s dedicated video conference facilities, which complement the company’s multimedia systems. The system has in-room filming facilities and can communicate with all types of video conferencing system. It can simultaneously view the PC presentation and the administrator or room images and includes video telephone and video mail functionalities.

Procurement training is also delivered to private entities, trade associations, public administrations etc., in order to assure the application of good procurement practices and increase the potential of businesses in successfully participating in international tenders and EC Call for Proposals. Training deals with topics including sourcing information, understanding of tender procedures (for services, supplies and works), practical issues linked to administration, financial management and logistics. Specific Grant Schemes training & info-days are also part of the services provided by JCP.

JCP has carried out numerous training sessions in the European Union countries (EU), European Neighbourhood and Partnership Instrument countries (ENPI), and Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance countries (IPA) in different languages, such as English, Arabic, French, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Training and Consultancy Services are provided directly to the European Commission Staff working at Headquarters, EC staff in Delegations in Procurement management for both Centralised and Decentralised activities; Beneficiaries of EC Financed projects in the Authorities of the Beneficiary Countries and Territories, following procedural guidelines, integrations and updates; Public Administrators; Cooperation and Development Authorities; Public and Private Non-profit Organisations; Civil Society Organisations; Non-Governmental Organisations, Ministerial Staff, Imprest Administrators, Imprest Accounting Officers, Project Managers, individual experts, as well as Private businesses, and Trade associations.

As far as Grant Schemes Training is concerned, JCP, thanks to its experience in evaluation of Call for Proposals within EuropeAid and its role by providing experts for Technical Assistance Projects, is capable of providing a comprehensive overview of the main rules and procedures for implementation and management of Grants; provide useful tools and tips to draft guidelines for Calls for Proposal and all other administrative documents; and on how to organise and carry out CfP Evaluations.

Traditional training methods (lectures and presentations, including concrete examples) are combined with an interactive and participatory approach through discussions, exchange of experiences, interactive round tables and ad hoc workshops.

JCP training activities include:

EC Procedures and Regulations in the context of External Aid in accordance with PRAG
Project Cycle Management
Basic rules, definitions and terminology of EU projects
Management of Programmes in a decentralised context
Management of EU Grant Schemes for Project Managers
Contractual & Financial rules and mechanisms: Acceptance, Invoicing, etc. (for supplies, services)
Capacity building to the Admin & Finance Management department in general management, quality control and internal monitoring systems
Call for tenders and call for proposals
Evaluation of Call for Proposals and Supply, Service and Works Tenders
Procurement Procedures
Visibility rules
Monitoring, Evaluation and Auditing
How to draft a budget, how to implement a project, how to prepare technical and financial reports based on Grant requirements

As related to training on grants procedures the above list of references can be taken into consideration:

the Anna Lindh foundation in 2006 and 2007
an open training organised by the EU Delegation in Syria 2007
an open training in Beirut (co-organised with Transtec) in 2008
the EU funded grants scheme in Egypt (SSRDP, SFD and RDI), in Jordan (JE and SRTD) and as well as in regional Meda programmes: SMAP, AUDIOVISUAL, Euromed Heritage, MedPact, the EuroMeda Youth programme, etc.

In addition JCP dispose of liaison offices in Amman and Brussels with a fully equipped training room capable of hosting 20 people.