Service Contracts

JCP participates to international services tenders launched by EuropeAid. After a selection of the tenders that fall within our geographical and sectorial interests, and whenever JCP participates directly to a tender, we build the joint ventures for those projects requiring multiple skills and inputs, prepare and submit expressions of interest and tender proposals (technical and financial), monitor the evaluation and contract placement phase and provide logistical support for project implementation. Whenever JCP participates to a tender as partner within a joint venture, we actively contribute to all the phases of tender preparation and project implementation in case of award.

JCP actively provides throughout project implementation various backstopping services ensuring experts management of high quality through logistical and administrative support to the experts on-the-field as well as technical inputs to projects’ activities and/or deliverables.

Throughout all our activities, JCP is often invited to participate in consortium for the implementation of projects where the procurement component is an essential one, thus because JCP is able to grant its best services in implementing a quality procurement management. Indeed, the added value of quality procurement management is not only an objective in its own right, but also prevents unnecessary delays and obstacles in the implementation of the wider sphere of technical assistance and development projects.

The proposed strategy and a correctly prepared procurement procedure not only reduces the need for time-wasting clarification activities (and the risk of rebidding!), but also guarantees the participation of more Tenderers, thus greater competitiveness, selection and ultimately the smoother implementation of the project.

Direct support is therefore provided to the EC, Public Administrations, Cooperation and Development Authorities, and public and private Non-profit Organisations in the preparation and management of procurement programmes, assuring the presentation of correctly prepared documentation (procurement notices, tender dossiers, contracts) for services, supplies and works tenders, as well as for grant schemes. Services are also delivered during the evaluation phase, to assure that the correct selection and evaluation criteria are applied in contract award.

Troubleshooting services are also provided in particularly sensitive projects, where long-standing experience and practical understanding of the situation is needed to solve complex issues, in line with the applicable procurement and administrative regulations, thus including MIS and other specific software applications.

JCP also delivers consulting services to private businesses and public entities who wish to participate in international tenders but who require additional knowledge of the specific procedures adopted by International Donors, as well as additional procedural, administrative, linguistic and logistic know-how to do so successfully. In this case JCP is able to assist the client in all the phases of tender preparation and project implementation.