Technical assistance to the PAO for the Implementing rules and procedures of the EU for supply contracts in the line Ministries of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

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The overall objective of this assignment has been to provide technical assistance to the PAO (Programme Administration Office) for the identification of the supply needs and organisation of the tendering and contracting procedures to provide all needed supplies for the identified Beneficiary Organisations under the SAPP I and SAPP II Programme, and in particular:
Providing assistance to the PAO in identifying the supply needs of the identified beneficiaries
Preparing and reviewing the Technical Specifications of the supplies needed and in the preparation of the tender dossiers; organise and execute all related procurement and contracting cycle.
Building the capacity of the PAO in Supplies contracting, mainly through on the job training.
The experts worked specifically to identify and prepare the tender dossiers for the accompanying supply needs of the Ministry of Agriculture (SAPP I), Department of Land and Survey (SAPP I), Ministry of Social Development (SAPPII), Public Security Directorate (SAPPII), Department of Statistics (SAPP II), Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (SAPPII), NEPCO (SAPP II), Audit Bureau (SAPP II) and Gendarmerie (SAPP I/II).
Jcp has provided its support in the following ways:
Support the PAO in identification of needs for the identified Beneficiary Institutions
Support to the PAO and Beneficiaries in preparing tender dossiers for supplies and service contracts, utilising updated EU contractual external aid procedures, thus organising and executing procurement and contracting cycle
Drafting of procurement plans, technical specifications, terms of reference, tender documentation
Capacity building to PAO and Beneficiaries staff: on-the-job training, preparation of didactic materials and organisation of training seminars in programming, project design, project management