Technical assistance to the Higher Council for Science and Technology (HCST) for the implementation of the support to research, technological development and innovation project (SRTD) — Phase II, Jordan

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JCP has been responsible for the Development, Design and Implementation of a strategic Communication, Outreach and Visibility Plan towards increasing the contribution of Jordan’s Research and Technological Development and Innovation sectors to Jordan’s economic growth and employment. This communication, outreach and visibility plan allowed the development of dynamic platform within the SRTD–II to enable the initiation of common projects and activities that would cater to the needs of Research, Development and Innovation in Jordan. The Plan aimed at increasing the awareness between specific and general audiences about the importance of research and innovation for the economic growth and employment; the importance of bridging Science and Business; dissemination of success stories; designed and implemented activities maximising the cooperation and awareness about EU-Jordan related initiatives; enhacing the cooperation between industry and academia; increase awareness about EU funded opportunities to Jordanian researchers and SME’s. A Science and Business final event drew in over 1000 participants with an extensive coverage in different types of media.
Jcp has worked towards the support to Applied Research and Commercialisation activities through Grant Schemes, including a web-based Grants Management & Monitoring Tool (Egreg) supporting grant beneficiaries and contracting authorities for the management, follow-up, and continuous monitoring of grant contracts.
The Communication and Visibility Strategy has been necessary in order to organise networking/public awareness-raising/information dissemination and other visibility events, in order to showcase projects on a national as well as international level.