Regional Capacity Building Support unit (RCBS) for Euromed Youth Programme IV

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The Euro-Med Youth Programme has been a regional programme set up within the framework of the third chapter of the Barcelona Process entitled “Partnership in social, cultural and human affairs” aimed at promoting understanding and intercultural dialogue between cultures, religions and people, and facilitating exchanges between civil society and ordinary citizens, particularly women and young people. The Euro-Med Youth Programme focused on mobility, non-formal education and intercultural learning among young people, youth leaders and youth workers operating within the framework of youth organisations, civil society organisations dealing with youth.
Jcp was responsible for increasing the visibility of the programme and communication and dissemination of best practices by designing the overall communication and visibility strategy of the programme in coordination with the EC, EU Delegations, Euro-Med Youth Units and Mediterranean partner country youth authorities; setting up the guidelines for programme promotion and dissemination with Euro-Med youth units; disseminating best practices and existing expertise ; build capacity of Euro-Med Youth units in development of information collection, dissemination mechanisms, visibility and communication and approach to media with purpose to transfer awareness and knowledge to final beneficiaries. Jcp also supported to enhance visibility through capacity building of youth workers and grass root youth organisations. As part of the tools, an official Euro-Med Youth Programme website; Brochures, Leaflets, newsletters were developed.