Euromed Audiovisual III Programme: “Regional Monitoring Support Unit”

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The Regional Monitoring Support Unit main purpose was to accompany the Euromed Audiovisual III programme (ideated to develop and reinforce cinematographic and audiovisual capacity in the Mediterranean partner countries of the ENPI South; promote complementarities and integration of the film and audiovisual industries in the region; promote the free movement of goods and services in the sector; provide the Mediterranean authorities with technical support for the improvement of the legislative and institutional framework in the sector) providing support in four major areas: Technical Assistance (technical support to the six grant projects funded under Euromed Audiovisual and to, among others, ensure an overview of all projects in order to improve programme/project performance and impact; enhancing sustainable transfer of knowledge and best practices, capacity building and networking activities), Networking (to enhance the programme’s networking activities and organise a number of thematic workshops; to increase the regional dimension; maintenance of sustainable links between national and local authorities, civil societies and other organisations of the ENPI South (South-South cooperation), Monitoring, and Communication and Visibility (to provide visibility and communication support to all funded projects under Euromed Audiovisual and to increase the visibility of Euromed Audiovisual III overall programme; Design and develop Programme Communication Strategy ensuring dissemination of project results through networks for exchange of know-how and information between widest possible group of relevant stakeholders with a focus on visibility and communication in the Mediterranean partner countries; creation of synergies with other relevant EU funded programs and communication platforms; development and regular update of programme website to also include information on links for beneficiaries, partners and other actors to have access to documentation on good practices, experiences, success stories; innovative approaches; collection, editing and dissemination of relevant information on the programme following clear definition of target groups such as general public, professionals of the sector, media, project partners, etc).