Our Team

  • Gian Luca Bombarda, CEO 

Gian Luca has over 35 years of international experience in management, supervision, coordination and monitoring of donor funded development projects involving communication strategies and related outputs in addition to delivery of trainings on PCM, Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication and Visibility, Quality Assurance, etc. based on his extensive experience with European Commission Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.  He can be considered as a “pioneer” in the organisation and delivery of procedural trainings within the internal services of the EC starting from SCR and further developed within AIDCO. His additional experience with EU funded and other donor funded grant projects is of added value towards vision towards support and capacity building to the various ongoing projects in Georgia.

Gian Luca has extensive experience in management and implementation of Technical Assistance and Framework contracts and has been JCP’s Quality Controller/Assurance Manager for a number of assignments inclusive of development of communication and visibility strategies and tools while also having been Project Director for the FWC_COM 2011 Lot 2 (Jan 2011 – Dec 2015) with a long list of projects related to Communication, Visibility and awareness raising about EU support worldwide covering ENI East, ENI South, ACP, IPA, etc. Gian Luca is the Deputy Contract Manager/Advisor for Monitoring and Knowledge Management for the FWC COM 2015 Lot 2 Communication. Some demonstrations of his experienced skills in providing management and quality control duties towards FWCs communication-related contracts include in particular support to the organisation and management of Events, campaigns and implementation of communication strategies for visibility activities with specific involvement in Cultural related fields including musical residencies, film festivals, photo festivals, Europe Day Celebrations, Cultural campaigns, Music and Art Events in various countries thus providing for broad understanding of multi-cultural societies; to name a few. Specific examples include the intervention toward a smooth organisation of Cultural Diplomacy Activities around Europe Day for the EU Delegation to African Union with a two-week residency for 12 musicians from Europe and Africa and their final concert “MAISHA” and the AU-EU Culture Talks – Creatives Connect); the EU4Georgia EU Days Celebrations in 2017 and 2018 with more than 15.000 participants each, as well as other EU Days in Tanzania, Ghana, Jordan, Malawi, Armenia to name a few.

Gian Luca has extensive experience with Youth, Youth organisations and networks in ENI East and South within this involvement in all four phases of the EuroMed Youth Programme and with the final Phase IV (73 months TA Dec 2010 – June 2016) as Capacity Building and Project Director.

Gian Luca has developed various manuals and publications (list available on request) like: How to organise environmentally friendly events, Country/Regional Communications strategies, Guidelines for Training in Information and Communication strategies, How to draft ToR, Grant Management Information Systems, Guidelines for Grants Assessment; etc.

Gian Luca is currently the Fund Director for the EEA and Norway Global Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation (2017 – 2024) covering 60M€ Grant Fund for Youth Employment and 35M€ for Regional Cooperation; Creator and Editor in chief, as journalist registered into the official italian register, of two online registered magazines Youth Employment (YE) https://youthemploymentmag.net/ & Regional Cooperation (RC) https://regionalcoopmag.net/ while also being an owner and Editor of a local Italian journal “l’album” monthly magazine distributed in Emilia, Lombardia and Veneto – north Italy – from July 2013.

Gian Luca is considered one of the most successful Knowledge Transfer Managers since his neutral attitude in providing transfer of experiences making sure lessons learnt are exploited and quality assurance measures are accompanying the entire process.


  • Rania Muna, Senior Financial Expert & Project Manager

Rania has over 35 years of professional experience in overall Project Management including Project Financial Management, Monitoring, Quality Assurance, backstopping expertise of which over 15 years as Project Director, Project Manager, Team Leader, Key Expert of EU Funded Technical Assistance and Framework Projects with extensive experience in EU External Aid Actions to Beneficiary countries/territories. She additionally has broad knowledge of EU policies and instruments, with profound understanding of the challenges of promoting European Union institutions, values and achievements within different cultures; and ability to work in an intercultural and interdisciplinary context.

Rania is Deputy Contract Manager of the FWC COM 2015 Lot 2 consortium Management Team and previously Deputy Project Director for FWC COM 2011 Lot 2 – Communication and Training having provided and providing management, quality control and backstopping duties in several Technical Assistance as well as Framework Contracts.

Within the scope of Communication and Visibility projects, Rania in roles as Team Leader and/or Project Manager provides technical assistance, design of communication strategies, management and implementation of Communication, Visibility and Outreach strategies covering design/conception, organisation & management of Large to Small scale indoor and outdoor Events; Press and Media Events, Media Tours; implementation and management of Campaigns; Exhibits And Festivals, Business and Corporate Events. In addition to support verification of editorial content, audio-visual multimedia productions, production of promotional and visibility materials, publications; Procurement for campaign and promotional material, management of negotiations and contractual management with Service Providers ensuring timely implementation of the highest quality and most economical products.

Rania is highly talented with excellent organisation and logistical support skills for participants to Events and Study Tours/Field Trips, networking with decision makers and local networks of CSO’s and youth organisations securing teams of volunteers and liaison with municipalities and government counterparts. Rania additionally has broad experience of over 20 years working with Youth Organisations, Youth leaders, CSO’s, NGO’s, as well as international organisations in ENI South, ENI East, Africa and EU-MS.

Rania has been the focal point for managing all event logistics covering venue identification, service provider agreements, identification of experts, management of international and local travel arrangements, registration, gala events, A/V provisions, etc. for a multitude of EU funded projects, both on bilateral and regional level including projects in Georgia, Armenia, North Macedonia, Turkey, Jordan, Lebanon, Ghana, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Malawi and recently managing virtual/hybrid events and initiatives for various EU Delegations and other international donors.

Examples of EU funded projects include EU4Georgia (a Pilot FWC with a value of 3M€ where Rania acted as the Project Manager as well as Interim Team Leader) that included the organisation of 2 large scale events for EU Days with over 18000 participants in 2017 and 2018 in addition to 7 regional events of smaller scale and multi-sector campaigns; Organisation of communication events, production of multimedia materials, design and production of publications for the sectors of culture, education and health for DEVCO B4; Communication and Visibility activities for the EU Delegation to Ghana; Support to the EU Delegation to Uganda in Communication & Visibility; Support to Communication Activities for EU’s Refugee Assistance in Turkey; Organisation of Cultural Diplomacy Activities Around Europe Day 2019 – Ethiopia to name a few.

Rania is currently Team Leader for the Support to Communication and Visibility action plan of the Support to Social Protection in Jordan programme as well as Team Leader for Communication and Visibility for Solid Waste Management programme, both in support to the EU Delegation to Jordan; both including in addition to multi-size events, the design of 3-year programme communication strategies and related action plans.

Rania will ensure a smooth implementation of the assignment through her extensive knowledge in implementation of EU funded projects; thorough knowledge and experience with EC Communication and Visibility Guidelines and extensive experience in EU rules and procedures and will provide for the knowledge and experience of lessons learnt.


  • Francesca Bombarda, Journalist & Communication Expert 

Francesca is an official journalist with over 10 years of experience within several EU-funded projects as Communication Expert,  in addition to her specialised academic degrees of a Master’s Degrees in “Journalism”, in “Communication and Politics for Envoys to Crisis areas”; a Master’s in “Local and Global Development” in addition to her first degree in International Relations therefore has diverse experience with EU Policies and International Relations and associated politics in addition to experience on EU Development Cooperation and public policies with recent focus on crisis communication; and officially registered as “Giornalista Pubblicista” in the Italian national register of Journalists.

She has proven experiences with modern communication tools involving drafting of newsletters and project reports, web content and web management, social media platforms and project webpages management (including content management), conducting interviews, Note taking, drafting publications, conducting multimedia interviews, shooting and producing short audio-visual contents for social media use and interviews of participants to Events and overseeing video productions of projects’ success stories as well as being experienced as a storyteller for printed and multimedia productions.

Francesca is directly contributing as Editorial team member for the EEA and Norway Global Fund online magazine https://youthemploymentmag.net/ and https://regionalcoopmag.net/ and managing the social media related channels, thus complimenting her skills in management of web-based platforms for registration and networking with participants and management and contributions to social media platforms. Francesca also boasts experience in delivery of Trainings on Communication and Visibility, in addition to her skills in Event coordination and management covering small to large Events including Film Festivals, Concerts, EU Days, Trainings, Communication Campaigns, Seminars, etc.

As Key Expert within the FWC COM 2015 Lot 2 Communication and Visibility, Francesca is part of Teams for the following ongoing projects: “Organization of communication events and design and production of communication materials, for the sectors of Culture, Education and Health” with key roles for the Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19 Film Festival & European Union for the Future of World Cinema Initiative & Paris Peace Forum as note taker in addition to logistic support for Health Seminars in Laos and Bangladesh to name a few; Cultural Diplomacy Activities around Europe Day 2019 for the EU Delegation to African Union” towards organisation and  resulting successful outcome of “MAISHAhttps://www.facebook.com/EventsEthiopia/posts/10157277353142445/; “Communication and Visibility activities for the EU Delegation to Ghana”; “Support to the North Africa Window of the EU Emergency Trust Fund for Africa”; “EU/CV Communication and Visibility 2019-2020 in Cabo Verde”; “Videos on EU Budget Support and its Contribution to SDGs”; a Trainer “Communication support and Event Organisation services towards the partnership between the EU Delegation and Uganda” in addition to her involvement as Backstopping Expert and Project Manager for multitude of specific FWC COM 2015 Projects such as: “EU4GEORGIA” where she supported in the design and implementation of communication strategies conceptualised to enhance awareness and visibility of projects and programmes in addition to other FWC’s in Angola, Cabo Verde, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Eritrea, Turkey, Malawi, Jordan, Uganda to name a few ongoing FWCs and evident in her CV.

Francesca is a native Italian speaker and is fluent in French, English and Spanish.


  • Fadi Hajjar, IT & data visualisation Expert

Fadi has extensive experience with the typical Project and Programme Cycle Management within European Union funded projects and programmes as well as broad experiences in the management of large-scale IT/MIS projects. He is a senior knowledge transfer expert delivering trainings and teaching courses. Fadi has extensive Information Technology skills covering Information Systems: requirement elicitation, analysis and design of communications and information systems, implementing large scale MIS solutions and management of implementation teams. Furthermore, he is experienced in Monitoring and Evaluation: Monitor Information Systems implementation and evaluate implemented solutions with valuable experience in digital security, data protection and privacy.


  • Antonella Mendicino, Administrative & logistic support 

ntonella has over 10 years of experience in providing administrative and logistics support to overall project management of EU funded projects and specifically providing support towards the practical and logistical organisation of events, training courses, workshops, and seminars, including identification of venues-hotels-conferences’ halls, flights and visa requests, accommodations, transports, shipment of materials, etc. Antonella maintains all administrative and financial documentary paperwork for all reporting and auditing needs therefore responsible for gathering all original supporting documentation and providing administrative support. With her well established experience in the EU Communication and Visibility Guidelines for External Actions and EU visual Identity guidelines and network of service providers Antonella additionally provides support in identification and necessary logistics for production of visibility and promotional materials, liaising with graphic designers, with service providers and managing delivery schedules. Antonella is based at JCP office in Italy and will coordinate all logistics related to international travel and insurance of experts and towards Expert missions and mobilisations. With her experience on projects in the various countries, she substantiates her ability to work within a diverse environment and interact at all levels.


  • Lina Hanania, Database Management

Lina is responsible for follow up on JCP website, posting of new opportunities on linkedin and other platforms as well as updating the expert database in addition to providing support in the expert search. Lina also assists in providing logistics support during mobilisation of experts and during implementation of assignments providing support to experts in their geographical areas and in translation/interpretation services. Lina is based in the JCP Liaison Office in Amman (Jordan). She is a native Arabic speaker with an excellent knowledge of English and working knowledge of French.