MEET THE NEIGHBOURS OF THE NEIGHBOURS – The 57th anniversary of Africa Day

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Africa Day commemorates the founding of today’s African Union. The 25th May emphasises the cultural resonance of Africa all over the world. Africa Day reflects the path that has to be followed to build a stronger continent.

Europe has always been a strategic partner for Africa and wants to celebrate today the several landmark achievements reached together, from peace and security to continental integration, from women and youth empowerment to the fight for eradication of diseases.

Today is the occasion to reflect on Africa’s transformations and achievements, while renewing the future commitments to realise the goals of the Agenda 2063.

Given the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, most celebrations for Africa Day will be virtual owing to social distancing measures and national lockdowns which have been enforced in numerous African & European countries.

The European Union’s institutions and services dedicate a special attention to this day, including – among other initiatives – a special programme dedicated to the African youth and students within the “MEET THE NEIGHBOURS OF NEIGHBOURS during COVID-19 time” initiative. One of the masterpieces of the African cinematography and a documentary about a unique experience of co-creation between African and European artists will be presented in free streaming at and/or just for the 25th and 26th of May.

Enjoy the platform!

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