Framework Contracts

JCP Srl, within FWC COM 2015 Lot 2 Communication and previously as consortium leader in the frame of the FWC COM 2011 Lot 2 – training & Info-Comm, has implemented a diverse set of projects covering a wide array of communication sectors:
Communication Events and Campaigns including design and planning of events, implementation, management of information tools, Graphic design and production of documents, signs, information sheets and other communication and promotional products; Press and public relations; Event follow-up and dissemination of results; Definition of strategies for campaigns; implementation of campaigns including graphic design, videos, television campaigns, posters, competitions, exhibitions; managing media promotions; writing, designing, producing and distributing promotional material including production of documentaries, television spots, web TV’s, etc..
Multi-Media Materials such as Audio-Visual supports (ensure entire production of A/V product; research and design a story; conceptualising; planning of shooting and organisation of interviews, shooting, editing, production of soundtrack, translation of script, dubbing, subtitling to include Videos, short videos, clips, Animations, Documentaries, Reports, Stock-Shots, Spots, …), Websites (development and Design); CDs, DVDs, etc …
Production of Publications in various EU and non-EU languages to include drafting, translation of various printed or electronic information products; research and analysis of information; carry-out interviews and write reports, articles, advertisements, leaflets, brochures, etc…. in addition to creating illustrations and translation to different linguistic versions furthermore to design and production of Graphic material of printed, online and multimedia materials including concepts, layout, identification of pictures, pre-press work, displays and physical production.
Development of Communication Strategies: conception and design of communication strategies reflecting inter alia political and institutional context, local environment, communication priorities, cultural sensitivities, etc.
A non-exhaustive list of Contracts in the field of Communication:

European Union Cooperation in Uzbekistan: Visibility Events (2015 -2016);
Event organisation and media events services – Nigeria/EDF (2015 – 2016);
Implementation of a Communications and Visibility Strategy for the Support to Education and Training Programme II Swaziland/EDF (2015-2016);
EU assistance to Iraq Production of publications/DCI-MED (2015);
Production and Publication on Regional Programmes in Latin America and Caribbean related to Climate Change, Renewable Energies and Water/ DCI-ALA 2014;
Production of multimedia contents for MILAN EXPO 2015/DCI-Food 2014 -2015;
Communication and visibility support concerning EU action on environment and climate change in development cooperation/ ADM-Multi 2014 -2015;
European Year of Development 2015 COPOLAD Communication/DCI-ALA;
Enhancing the regional dimension of the pre-accession assistance by the improved visibility of IPA multi-country projects/ IPA 2014 – ongoing;
Production and publication on Regional Programmes in LA and Caribbean related to climate changes, renewable energies and water/ACP/ALA 2014;
Promoting Visibility of the EU assistance to Nepal with a special focus on peace process and the role of stability for development 2014 – ongoing ;
Production of the Latin American Investment Facility (LAIF) and the Caribbean Investment Facility (CIF) Annual Operational Report 2013 and 2014/ACP;
Production and publication of the 2013 Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF) and the 2014 NIF Annual Operational Reports/ENPI 2013 -2015;
Communication and visibility of the EU support to Employment and Technical and Vocational Education and Training Reform in Jordan 2013 – 2015;
NIF Report 2012 & NIF 5 Year 2008-2012 Reports/ENPI;
Russia Education Fairs 2013;
“Young Entrepreneurs Workshop – organisation”/IPA Croatia 2012-2013;
A few examples of JCP project productions can be viewed on the following link: