Europe Day: Happy Birthday EU!

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Every 9 May, since 1950, Europeans celebrate the ‘Europe Day’, which is an occasion to remember the beginning of Europe’s political, economic and then social integration. That day, which became a celebration, dates back to the famous declaration of Robert Schuman, whe he proposed that France and Germany join their coal and steel production. This first process accelerated the modernisation of both countries after the economic devastation and human carnage of World War II and to avoid a potential race of unfair competition. And, day by day, we reached the actual level of integration with the modern European Union.

This year, this celebration comes in a particular moment, especially considering that 2022 has been selected to be the Year of Youth. And the EU has organised a lot of activities, starting from President Ursula von der Leyen participating in the closing ceremony of the Conference on the Future of Europe.

Here below the official calendar proposed by EU institutions and another interesting link for additional info.

Happy Europe Day!

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