Gian Luca Bombarda

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Gian Luca has over 35 years of international experience in management, supervision, coordination and monitoring of donor funded development projects involving communication strategies and related outputs in addition to delivery of trainings on PCM, Financial Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Communication and Visibility, Quality Assurance, etc. based on his extensive experience with European Commission Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.  He can be considered as a “pioneer” in the organisation and delivery of procedural trainings within the internal services of the EC starting from SCR and further developed within AIDCO. His additional experience with EU funded and other donor funded grant projects is of added value towards vision towards support and capacity building to the various ongoing projects in Georgia.

Gian Luca has extensive experience in management and implementation of Technical Assistance and Framework contracts and has been JCP’s Quality Controller/Assurance Manager for a number of assignments inclusive of development of communication and visibility strategies and tools while also having been Project Director for the FWC_COM 2011 Lot 2 (Jan 2011 – Dec 2015) with a long list of projects related to Communication, Visibility and awareness raising about EU support worldwide covering ENI East, ENI South, ACP, IPA, etc. Gian Luca is the Deputy Contract Manager/Advisor for Monitoring and Knowledge Management for the FWC COM 2015 Lot 2 Communication. Some demonstrations of his experienced skills in providing management and quality control duties towards FWCs communication-related contracts include in particular support to the organisation and management of Events, campaigns and implementation of communication strategies for visibility activities with specific involvement in Cultural related fields including musical residencies, film festivals, photo festivals, Europe Day Celebrations, Cultural campaigns, Music and Art Events in various countries thus providing for broad understanding of multi-cultural societies; to name a few. Specific examples include the intervention toward a smooth organisation of Cultural Diplomacy Activities around Europe Day for the EU Delegation to African Union with a two-week residency for 12 musicians from Europe and Africa and their final concert “MAISHA” and the AU-EU Culture Talks – Creatives Connect); the EU4Georgia EU Days Celebrations in 2017 and 2018 with more than 15.000 participants each, as well as other EU Days in Tanzania, Ghana, Jordan, Malawi, Armenia to name a few.

Gian Luca has extensive experience with Youth, Youth organisations and networks in ENI East and South within this involvement in all four phases of the EuroMed Youth Programme and with the final Phase IV (73 months TA Dec 2010 – June 2016) as Capacity Building and Project Director.

Gian Luca has developed various manuals and publications (list available on request) like: How to organise environmentally friendly events, Country/Regional Communications strategies, Guidelines for Training in Information and Communication strategies, How to draft ToR, Grant Management Information Systems, Guidelines for Grants Assessment; etc.

Gian Luca is currently the Fund Director for the EEA and Norway Global Grants Fund for Regional Cooperation (2017 – 2024) covering 60M€ Grant Fund for Youth Employment and 35M€ for Regional Cooperation; Creator and Editor in chief, as journalist registered into the official italian register, of two online registered magazines Youth Employment (YE) & Regional Cooperation (RC) while also being an owner and Editor of a local Italian journal “l’album” monthly magazine distributed in Emilia, Lombardia and Veneto – north Italy – from July 2013.

Gian Luca is considered one of the most successful Knowledge Transfer Managers since his neutral attitude in providing transfer of experiences making sure lessons learnt are exploited and quality assurance measures are accompanying the entire process.