JCP srl
About Us

Who we are
JCP Srl Italy is a consulting company with a successful track record providing specialist consulting technical support and training services in all spheres of international, donor-funded contracts, particularly but not limited to the field of Management of Technical Assistance Development Projects. JCP Srl core team boasts an extensive in-house experience in implementing and providing institutional building in procedures established by the European Commission for Procurement and Grants Scheme Management as per Financial Regulations and Practical Guide to Contract Procedures for EU External Actions under the different management modes for bilateral, regional and cross-border projects. JCP is endowed with a successful track record of projects aiming at providing technical support in project management, identifying development issues and needs and addressing them efficiently and sustainably, as well as developing the monitoring and evaluation capacities of the beneficiaries. JCP Srl has been directly involved in providing support to beneficiary management/monitoring units in designing; launching; conducting and delivering Info days for potential applicants; conducting and delivering Orientation days for shortlisted and awarded grant beneficiaries; managing grants components in addition to support in managing the evaluation process and providing pools of Assessors, preparation of contracts and including monitoring and scientific and technical mentoring to grant beneficiaries. JCP Srl is additionally experienced in development of guidance manuals towards project monitoring; public finance management and budget analysis, in addition to institutional and organisational analysis. JCP Srl has a recognised capability of complex project management and has at its disposal an expansive database of highly qualified and specialised Experts in the provision of consulting and technical assistance covering a wide spectrum of expertise.
What we do
Among other fields of intervention, JCP provides consulting services especially in the two main fields below:

Procurement support services

Direct support is provided to the EC, Public Administrations, Cooperation and Development Authorities, public and private Non-profit Organisations in the preparation and management of procurement projects, as well as troubleshooting in particularly sensitive projects where long-standing experience and practical understanding of the situation is needed to solve complex issues.

Consulting services are also provided to private businesses who wish to participate in international tenders and require additional knowledge of the specific procedures adopted by International Donors, as well as additional procedural, administrative, linguistic and logistic know-how to do so successfully.

Consulting and Training services

Training is delivered to EC staff working at headquarters and in the delegations in procurement management, for both centralised and decentralised activities. It is also delivered with the aim of strengthening the procurement skills of staff working with EC-financed projects in the Authorities of the Beneficiary Countries and Territories, following procedural modifications, integrations and updates.

Training is also delivered to private businesses, trade associations and Institutional and Non-Governmental organisations, in order to assure the application of good procurement practices.

Specific training courses are delivered to both Public and Private businesses, to support the internationalisation of activities, including specific support and training on how to participate in "EC business opportunities"

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