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JCP in the field - Culturexchange

Meet the Neighbours of the Neighbours during COVID-19 Time

See the trailer of the Initiative "MEET THE NEIGHBOURS OF THE NEIGHBOURS during Covid-19", launched by the European Commission (DEVCO, NEAR and FPI) in close collaboration with EEAS through the project “Support to EUROPEAN FILM FESTIVALS”, to open a digital window for young people to get to know other cultures, the ones of the neighbours of their neighborus, and take advantage  from these difficult times of social distancing and confinement

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JCP in the Field - EEA & Norway Grants

Together with Ecorys Polska, JCP Srl is the Fund Operator of the Fund for Youth Employment (EEA and Norway Grants). 

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JCP Srl, Italy, is a specialised Knowledge Transfer and Capacity Building company providing specialist consulting services in all spheres of international, donor-funded contracts, particularly but not limited to the field of Management of Technical Assistance Development Projects including Grant Scheme components, as well as International Cooperation and Development Communication Projects within framework contracts implemented in European Union, Southern and Eastern Neighbourhood Regions and beyond with a special emphasis on EU Funded programmes.

Knowledge Transfer, Capacity Building and Consultancy Services are provided directly to the European Commission Staff working at Headquarters, EC staff in Delegations; Beneficiaries of EU funded projects in the Authorities of the Beneficiary Countries and Territories, following procedural guidelines, integrations and updates; Public Administrators; Cooperation and Development Authorities; Public and Private Non-profit Organisations;  Civil Society Organisations; Non-Governmental Organisations, Ministerial Staff, Project Managers, individual experts, as well as Private businesses, and Trade Associations.


JCP S.r.l. – Operational Office Reggio Emilia

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